About OC Photography


OC Photography has been established as a professional photography service that offers different varieties of photography to help you make your dreams come alive. Based in Southern California, Our goal is to capture the best photography shots that will get you noticed. Standing out from the crowd is easy when you have an outstanding modeling portfolio, and we are here to help you get a portfolio that meets the standards in Hollywood. With decades of experience and hundreds of photo sessions, you can count on us for professional headshots, beauty photography, boudoir, and modeling photography. Our exceptional photography services can be used by everyone. With a professional approach and experience, the outcome of your photography session will be amazing regardless of your experience because we will guide you all the way.

For the best results, we schedule appointments to enable us to have enough time to plan for your photography session. 

Book an appointment today, let’s schedule a date for your amazing photography experience.

Question - What the typical process like when working with a new customer?

Answer - We have developed an approach that allows us to work with new customers regardless of gender or their level of preparation. First, we seek to know what they hope to achieve from the photo-shoot. Then we find out the suitable package that fits their needs a week or two prior to the shoot. Once this is accomplished, I like to connect with every client on a personal level to break the ice and help them feel comfortable about the shoot. We have a comfortable working environment which helps. If possible, I meet with my clients before the shoot or have a phone conversation to discuss the project. Overall, it is our responsibility at OC Photography to ensure that every photo shoot is successful regardless of the clients’ experience.

Question - What is your level of qualification and experience as a photographer?

Answer - It has been an interesting journey. I studied under the world-famous photographer and teacher Elanor Kaufman in Beverly Hills. She was renowned to have redefined the commercial headshot with her unique style and skills. My style and photography have been based on the decades of learning and field experience I had through my association with Elanor which includes hundreds of photo shoots. My education is a unique mix of experience, workshops organized by world-class instructors; these are experienced that have helped me to provide a service that other local photographers are not capable of delivering.

Question - What types of customers have you worked with?

Answer - I have worked with the whole lot, and I look forward to more experiences. My clients include Actors, models, hair stylists, athletes, magazine publications, and families

Question - What advice will you give someone who needs to hire a professional photographer?

Answer - Photography is such a wide field, and it has attracted thousands of people. Out there, you will find good photographers and unfortunately some ‘not very good’ ones. To make a good choice, you need to study their previous work to be sure that you will get what you pay for. Working with the best photographers can be quite pricey, due to the high-end equipment, recruiting assistants and permits. And you cannot go wrong with reviews from real people who have actually benefitted from the service.

Question - Can you give a hint of some essential questions that can be asked during an interview with a photographer?

Answer - First, you have to find out the photographers experience in your preferred area of photography for example headshots, beauty, boudoir, and modeling photography. Then find out the number of shots related to your interests that they have captured in the last three months. Ask for samples from some recent shoots. Unfortunately, there are so many ‘so-called’ professional photographers who do not provide high-quality work. Photography is an art, and it is highly subjective in many ways. Sometimes, it is difficult to spot the flaws until it is too late. Ask a friend or two to review the sample photography with you before making the final decision to hire.